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A strong Brand Identity is critical to the success of any organization, whether B2B, consumer-facing, or not-for-profit. Okay, so what is brand identity? In the most basic terms, your brand identity is just who you are and what makes your brand unique. It includes how you think, what you believe, and how you operate. Visual branding consists of not only logos, but also fonts, colors, image types and placement, symbols, and word-marks. When these tools work together as a system, they create a cohesive presentation for your organization.


Without a good brand identity, you will never be recognizable. Your logo design and colors are some of the main components that help make your brand stand out. Everybody knows the recognizable red of the Coca-Cola brand. In order to differentiate yourself from the competition, your brand needs something to set it apart — something unique.

A Poor Brand Identity Will Lower Revenue

Strong brand identity leads to increased recognition and brand awareness, which should hopefully help improve your company’s word-of-mouth recommendations. When your brand is top-of-mind for your customers, they won’t have to think twice when an acquaintance asks them for a recommendation — your company’s name will roll right off their tongue!

While Good Brand Identity Can Increase Revenue

When one thinks about incredibly strong brand identity, Apple comes to mind almost immediately. Apple's high price point is a direct result of the strong, reliable brand it’s built over the years. Despite the fact that quality-wise Apple products are pretty much on the same level as the competition, Apple is able to charge a premium price. In the minds of its customers, its products are worth more than the many other technology brands. This has a lot to do with brand identity. So what can you learn from Apple? By spending the money necessary to create a strong, unique brand identity, you too can attract high-paying customers.


Absolutely! Media Happi is a full-service design agency, established in crafting new brands or freshening up current brands. We deliver a flawless design experience from start to finish.

The Media Happi brand and identity service is much more than just logo design. First, we work to identify your brand and its strategy. Then we define the voice and messaging which distinguishes your brand from other competitors. Finally our designers (we call them artists, they hate being thought of as just logo designers) get to work. They sketch ideas, make art, and obsess about the new look of your brand identity

Media Happi delivers several custom logo design ideas and works with you to revise and finalize your new identity. You’ll collaborate and give feedback to create the ideal company logo and brand.


Branded Podcasts have been called the ads people actually want to listen to. Unlike other channels, they're not exactly advertising or promotional.

It is important that a branded podcast does not sound like a late night infomercial. Top branded podcasts showcase great storytelling, fascinating conversations, and valuable content people actually want to listen to. Some of the most successful branded podcasts don't even mention their products or services at all. But it is okay because a brand mention is not seen as an intrusion- as long as the mention is presented authentically and organically.

The Three Types of Branded Podcasts

  • Journalistic: News or in-depth investigative reporting.
  • Educational: Instructional or informational. Including tutorials, discussions of products, the technical side of a brand, or the entire industry.
  • Editorial or narrative: Different formats and editing methods for entertainment, involvement, and amusement.


A Branded Podcast can help your business in 3 main ways: 

  • Brand Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Establish Authority

Why do Branded Podcasts work so well? The same reason many people love podcasts: The intimate and conversational nature creates higher engagement and a feeling of closeness to the content and the people conveying these messages.

Branded podcasts are more effective than TV or radio ads.

BBC Global News Study Findings:

  • Branding stands out from the content, helping the message land with audiences
  • Branded podcasts achieve unique cut-through with ad avoiders
  • Podcast listeners are active
  • The activity makes listeners more receptive
  • Branded podcasts drive positive associations
  • Podcasts provide extra time for brands

The main information suggested that branded podcasts are ideal for catching ad evaders and can contribute to 89% higher brand awareness. 


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